“Trees are multidimensional beings. They have their roots deep down in the earth which signifies their connection to the Underworld. Their trunks and lower branches are in our world, the world of men, which in shamanic terms is called the Middle World. The branches of tall trees reach high in the sky which makes them a bridge into the Upper World.”


Video mapping installation created originally for  Boom Festival 2014 and inspired by the symbiotic plant communication and the shamanic tradition. The relationship between the earth´s natural internet and soul search. Using natural landscapes in Boom Land, we create generative digital beings to live for 7 days in such an inspiring and representative creative force and celebration of life that is Boom Festival. The integration of the digital beings in the physical surroundings of the festival is by projecting directly over trees and landscape creates an opportunity of augmented 3d projections. Throughout this installations, I explored the perception of light in non-conventional 3d display such as trees and organic surfaces.

Since then the project has been presented in multiple festivals and events such as Astral Lights (2018), 4321 (2017), Boom Festival (2016), Euphoria Festival (2016), to name a few.

This project has been an ongoing collaboration created with an very special group of artists and friends Ivo Reis,  Rui Gato, and David Negrão and Daniel Schaeffer.

Using Touchdesigner, Z-brush, Maya and cinema 4d for modeling. All visual are controlled and generated  in real time.