Komorebi is a Japanese word to describe the light and sunshine filtering through the leaves of trees. Luxate is an improvisational augmented space design to explore interactive light beyond the screen. It is an exploration of the infinite and non screen based projector based augmentations. Exploring the qualities of the projected light beam in the three-dimensional space created by digital video projectors and hazing machines, we create a reactive environment between the dance performer and the perception of a light field.

Inspired oin the sculptural exploration of light by Anthony McCall, Sebastian Huber, Jayson Haebich and nonotak, among many other light surgeons.

Concept / Art Direction: Joao Beira
Dance performer: Echo Higuchi
Sound Design: David Wesley and Gustavo Magalhães
Programming: Daniel Schaeffer
Theater: Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre (Dallas, TX)
Commissioned by Julia kaganskiy, and presented at Aurora Festival 2015 in Dallas, Texas in October 16, 2015.