Light Installation using multiple projectors at Aurora Festival 2015. Commissioned by Julia kaganskiy presented at Aurora Festival 2015 in Dallas, Texas in October 16, 2015.. This work was presented as an installation that is activated by a Butoh dancer to an interactive dance performance.

Projecting directly in open air and pointing directly to the audience creates a collective experience and display that can be viewed from multiple angles and by different spectators. Still, just as in 3D video mapping, the illusion is more effective when the viewer is aligned and centered with the position of the video projector.

Creating content for multiple projectors to be experienced by looking directly to the light beam is a defined alphabet and grammar for projection design. It was necessary to decode the basic geometry elements and geometry connecting the digital graphic with the light display output.

These simple translations illustrate the passage from the 2D designs on screen to what the audience perceives with the use of projected light. Using these guidelines distributed in six different outputs and modalities as the only light source created a fully immersive dynamic light architecture. The light displayed and projected by the video projector does not stop reproducing itself until it reaches the walls of the theater space. (Beira, 2016, pag.165)

Concept / Art Direction: Joao Beira
Sound Design: David Wesley and Gustavo Magalhães
Programming: Daniel Schaeffer
Theater: Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre (Dallas, TX)

More information regarding the technical and creative development of Luxate in my P.hD dissertation 3D [Embodied]. Projection Mapping and sensing bodies: a Study in Interactive Dance  (chapter 5)