Gravity is a dance performer in a collaboration with the dance performance group Quixotic. I was invited to  their studio and black box in Kansas City  to co-create a new interactive dance piece exploring the principles of visual and immersive responsive architectures. It was an opportunity to work directly with dance performers and develop in further detail the intrinsic relationship between computer generated content and projection design created through out my PhD research. Quixotic has been working with computer generated content and dance performance for over a decade The collective integrates innovative projection mapping displays with dance and live music in their acts. 

I used an experimental software tool created by Adrien Mondot  in 2006 called eMotion. This software creates a direct relation between graphical objects and real world information. It is based on physical animation systems and integrates OSC signals from the kinect sensor data. The automation between the dancer and the reactive floor created an effective cause and  effect relation between them.