BIOMEDIATION is a sensor based audiovisual performance that digitizes the practice of meditation.
Through the use of a EEG headset, the cognitive and emotional experience of the performer is translated dynamically to sound and video compositions. It connects the body to brain activity, merging the physical world with the psychic dimension.

BioMediation was commissioned by the Ammeman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College, for the 14th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology. This work is an extension of an ongoing collaboration of the authors, which is focused on developing integrated hardware and software performance frameworks. The authors explore primarily on the use of natural interfaces to generate audiovisual structures in response to information gathered from human performers in real-time.

Two peer-reviewed articles have been published from the Biomediation experience and throughout  multiple performances presented in the last years, in art festivals such as PLUNC festival :

Beira, João;  Quay de, Yago (2014); Biomediation: A biofeedback audiovisual performance; The 14th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium  at  the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology 

Quay de, Yago; Beira, João (2015); Brain-Computer Interfaces and their Application as an  Audiovisual Instrument; ICMC 2015, University of North Texas

Press:  Daily Texan

Technical description:
BioSensor based performance. Concept, interactive visual design by João Beira. Audio design and EEG live performance by Yago de Quay (2014)

Special mention to Julius Tuomisto at Delicode  for providing and sharing valuable tools for depth visualization that are the nervous system of Biomediation.