João Beira is a visual artist, art director and researcher working on immersive and augmented experiences merging physical and digital spaces. João combines his artistic activity with academic and scientific research using software development for interactive and generative visualizations. João is also the creative director of Datagrama visuals, a collective of international artist-coders that create immersive environments and perform live visuals. Inspired by nature and living systems, Datagrama creates custom-made generative software exploring the intersection and overlay of light between the physical and digital space. João is also in charge of the art direction for Boom Festival.

João has a P.hD. from the University of Texas, Austin, in digital arts and a Master of Multimedia Arts from the University of Porto, Portugal. His work with multimedia art has been focused in dance performance and augmented reality visualizations. João conducts workshops and talks s about his experimental work, as well participating in artistic residencies and publishing his research. João lectured at the ESG University, Portugal, from 2007 to 2010 in Design and Multimedia Production.